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Counseling Services

As a counselor, I offer a variety of services in my Denver and Boulder offices: therapy for stress-reduction and mood-improvement, relationship and communication skills development, career counseling, and more.

Below are some common areas that I cover with my clients. Please feel free to click on the links for more detailed information on each of these sections, including information on specific therapy approaches.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Many of us live busy, stressful lives. When the challenges of life begin to exceed our capacity to easily address them, it's normal to feel stressed or anxious. However, these feelings of stress and anxiety can interfere with sleeping and eating patterns, work activities, and relationships. In cognitive therapy, we identify common "triggers" for stress and anxiety and then develop new responses to these triggers. Cognitive therapy can also help with more specific forms of anxiety, such as that associated with phobias, chronic worry, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and tendencies such as perfectionism. For further information, you can visit the stress and anxiety page.

Improvement of Depressed Mood

Cognitive-behavioral therapy was originally designed as a treatment for depression, and it continues to be a leading approach for improving mood. In cognitive therapy, we work on changing self-defeating thought patterns that contribute to depressed mood. We also work to develop self-supportive behaviors, and discuss practical steps to resolve life stressors. (Note that for severe forms of depression, I recommend visiting a medical doctor to discuss medication options in conjunction with therapy.) For information on therapy for depressed mood, you can visit the mood improvement page.

Career Counseling

Most people shift careers several times during their lives. This process usually involves a great deal of inner exploration. How can I use my talents? What are my values? How do I want to spend my days? Can I balance my work and personal lives in a way that feels healthy? In the process of career counseling, we explore these issues. We also address practical concerns such as resume writing, rehersal of job interviews, entrepreneurial possibilities, and methods of uncovering unusual career opportunities. For info on this process, you can visit the career counseling page.

Enhancing Relationships and Improving Communication

Many forms of psychological distress are tied-together with relationship conflicts. It's quite common for anger, anxiety, and depression to "spiral" with conflict-filled relationships. Often one of the most important strategies for dealing with distressing feelings is to work on improving these relationships. In therapy, we focus on identifying relationship and communication patterns that contribute to conflict. We then develop new approaches that lead to greater interperonal harmony. The relationships and communication page has some information on the process.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Quite often, people come to therapy because they wish to grow personally or spiritually. A life change might spark new questions about personal meaning and direction. I am committed to supporting people in their life journeys, and aim to be sensitive to all philosophical and spiritual orientations. My overall goal is to support people in their processes of personal growth.